Endurance Chat

Endurance Chat S7E12 - The 2022 Le Mans 24 Hour Review

July 5, 2022

Today, we review the Grand Prix of Endurance; the 24 Hours of Le Mans for 2022. Join Michael and Ollie as they dive into the nitty gritty of the numbers behind the biggest storylines from this year's Le Mans. Were Alpine hamstrung unfairly? Was LMP2 dominated by super silvers? Can a bronze be faster than a platinum? We answer these questions and more!


  • 0:01 Ollie's Le Mans Experience
  • 0:05 Overall thoughts - how did we feel about Le Mans?
  • 0:08 Hypercar - 5 cars in a 2 horse race
  • 0:31 LMP2 - JOTA show their class as some of the favourites fall over at T1
  • 0:50 GTE-Pro - Corvette's shocker, Ferrari's falter, and Porsche prevail
  • 1:12 GTE-Am - Keating takes a fantastic win!
  • 1:26 Broad discussions; reliability, Toyota, and Le Mans
  • 1:39 Ollie's 24 to Le Mans
  • 1:47 WEC Monza - What to expect from the Temple of Speed

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