Endurance Chat

Endurance Chat S6E7 - ELMS Round 1 review, plus the brand new 2021 WEC Season Launch!

April 27, 2021

We're finally here; almost 5 months in to the year and we are ready for the 2021 WEC Season Launch! Join Austin and Michael as they cover off the entry list finalisations, discuss the big issues in the lead in to the first round of the WEC, and catch up on action as it's happening at the prologue test during day 1. We also discuss the opening round of the ELMS, touching on the big movers and shakers (and spinners!) during a steady opening race of the season!



  • 0:02 ELMS review - LMP2 - The hierarchy has been shaken!
  • 0:25 LMP3 - A few standout performances, but not from the usual suspects
  • 0:31 GTE - WEC Factory Pros are a cheat code
  • 0:43 General discussion, LMP2-Am, and other talking points
  • 0:53 WEC Spa! First; the Glickenhaus in the room
  • 1:13 Entry list updates
  • 1:32 Prologue Day 1 chat

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