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Endurance Chat S6E13 - The 2021 24 Hours of Le Mans LMH/LMP2 Entry List

August 16, 2021

Austin joins Michael as we tackle the first 30 cars on the 2021 Le Mans entry list; the prototype categories. LMH, LMP2, Pros, Ams, Orecas, Alpines and Glickenhausen, there's plenty to delve into in this year's LMH and LMP2 entry list for the grand prix of Endurance. We discuss the season so far, our thoughts on balance and pace, the quality of LMP2, plus preview every team and driver to make sure you know who's who for this year's great event!


  • 3:00 - What is LMH
  • 9:15 - Story of the LMH Season
  • 12:15 - The LMH Cars
  • 37:40 - What are the P2's
  • 46:45 - P2 Entry List
  • 2:11:00 - Predictions

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