Endurance Chat

Endurance Chat S4E26 - WEC 4 Hours of Shanghai Review

December 9, 2019

Ahead of the last major race for 2019, Michael (Floody), Ollie (Trewavasaurus) and Andrija (SolHiemis) talk Shanghai, success handicaps, tyre wars, set up windows, Am drive times, and everything else around the 4 Hours of Shanghai event. We also delve into the recent sportscar news, including a calendar change, a new challenger, and some confusing press releases. Try to keep up!

In this episode;

  • 0:02 WEC Shanghai - the last of the 4 Hour events
  • 0:07 LMP1 Qualifying - the first Privateer Pole
  • 0:11 The race start, the first stint, and those penalties
  • 0:19 Rebellion's Recovery
  • 0:24 The success ballast at work: What actually went on under the surface?
  • 0:34 The LMP1 championship, future adjustments, and the price of success
  • 0:45 LMP2 - A dramatic tyre war, or was it?
  • 1:04 GTE-Pro - The best BoP has ever been?
  • 1:16 GTE-Am - a great race lost in the fog of other classes
  • 1:25 WEC News - Interlagos cancelled, COTA returns
  • 1:31 WEC News - The Lions return to Le Mans
  • 1:36 WEC News - Hypercars must be entered by an automotive brand?
  • 1:40 WEC News - LMP2 to be slowed for next season, but we knew that already?
  • 1:42 Next round, the 8 Hours of Bahrain

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