Endurance Chat

Endurance Chat S4E18 - The 2019 Le Mans Review show

July 4, 2019

Still coming down off back to back 24 Hour weekends? Have we got the show for you! Floodman11 and CookieMonsterFL cover off all the talking points from the 2019 Le Mans 24 Hours, including all the fanfare, action, and controversy for the 87th Grand Prix of Endurance.

In this episode;

  • 0:03 The feel, atmosphere and excitement coming in to the event
  • 0:05 The first victim - analysing the 64/88 tangle and the human element in multiclass racing
  • 0:16 Nightfall - Aston Martin's troubles, and the GTE-Pro BoP
  • 0:34 Late night - Accidents, repairs, and the Spirit of Le Mans
  • 0:40 Happy hour, driver fatigue, and component fatigue
  • 0:48 Rebellions woes, the P1 privateer battle, and the EoT
  • 0:59 GTE-Pro, Slow Zones and Safety Cars
  • 1:09 GTE-Am, Strategies, penalties, and driver ratings
  • 1:16 Toyota's tyre troubles, and minimising risk
  • 1:26 Monday scrutineering. Keating's disqualification, and other controversy
  • 1:48 Class by class at the finish line: P1, and the future
  • 1:49 Class by class at the finish line: P2
  • 1:56 Class by class at the finish line: GTE-Pro
  • 2:02 Class by class at the finish line: GTE-Am
  • 2:07 Final questions and discussions

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