Endurance Chat
Endurance Chat S5E12 - Race tracks around the world!

Endurance Chat S5E12 - Race tracks around the world!

June 3, 2020

In this episode, Michael, Austin and Chris (with the help of Ollie and Lada) talk race tracks. What makes a good circuit? What circuits are overrated? Which are our favourites? Why does Sebring suck? All these questions and more will be debated, discussed and dissected by our panel.


  • 0:01 Lets start at Le Mans, and the classic tracks of the 50's and 60's
    0:14 Old airfields, flat service roads, and Sebring...
    0:28 Modern circuit design, and the "Tilkedrome"
    0:35 Complaining about lesser known tracks
    0:42 Spa Francorchamps... Overrated?
    0:52 Hidden gems, local racetracks, and Pie Floaters
    1:23 Street Circuits - A race track that takes over a city
    1:37 The Nordschleife
    1:43 Favourite tracks, favourite corners, and final grievances
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