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Endurance Chat S4E10 - The Le Mans Invites

Endurance Chat S4E10 - The Le Mans Invites

April 9, 2019

In this episode, Floodman11 is joined by kiwichris1709 and trewavasaurus to discuss the published Le Mans entry list, the invite structure, and where the additional 24 entries to the biggest race of the year have come from!

In this episode:

  • 0:02 Why are invites a thing?
  • 0:04 LMP1, and the absence of Ginetta
  • 0:15 The GTE-Pro line up - A bumper field of GTLM to add to the factory fight
  • 0:27 Amateur racing - Why is there dedicated AM classes at Le Mans? How do they earn entries to Le Mans?
  • 0:34 LMP2 - Variety in teams and chassis, but as always someone misses out
  • 0:40 United Autosports - How far does commitment and loyalty count towards invites?
  • 0:51 GTE-Am - 8 additional entries from Europe, America and Asia to add to the 9 full season cars!
  • 1:02 The reserve list - who missed out?
  • 1:10 Does the invite system need a shake up? SolHeimis poses an alternate selection process
  • 1:25 Is the entry balance right?
Endurance Chat S4E9 - The Super Sebring Wrap Up

Endurance Chat S4E9 - The Super Sebring Wrap Up

April 5, 2019

In this episode, Floodman11 and CookieMonsterFL wrap up all the action from the Super Sebring weekend! Cookie gives a fascinating insight to camping at Sebring, Flood has a rant, and we discuss some interesting issues around the IMSA and WEC's on track product.


  • 0:03 Camping at Sebring
  • 0:21 the WEC atmosphere back on the concrete
  • 0:32 Thoughts on the WEC race
  • 0:44 LMP1, what's going on?
  • 0:55 GTE - the best it's ever been
  • 1:02 LMP2 - Welcome back DHH!
  • 1:10 The IMSA 12 Hours of Sebring
  • 1:22 Free form IMSA discussions
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